10th Planet Black Belt Invasion hits 10th Planet Pasadena


On the last weekend of June, the 10th Planet Black Belt meet up was set to be at 10th Planet Headquarters but due to space restrictions was moved to beautiful 10th Planet Pasadena. The event had a Masters of Truck super seminar as well as team duels, our coach Chris also received his Black Belt certificate from Eddie Bravo.

The Truck is a staple position and a set of techniques within 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. The position involves controlling your partners hips by controlling on of their legs with a leg entanglement while the other leg is controlled by your upper body.

The seminar featured instruction on innovative Truck techniques from Nathan Orchard, Kemoy Anderson, Kevin Berbrich, Eddie Bravo and Geo Martinez. Each contributed their own perspective on the position with each thread connecting to the other, forming a cohesive picture.

Check out the video attached for one of the flows.

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White Belt Quintet Event from 2-10 is now on our YouTube!


Despite the intensity of the competition, there exists a unique camaraderie in the Jiu Jitsu community. The shared experience of pushing your limits, facing your fears, and striving for mastery fosters a deep respect and understanding between competitors. Whether you win or lose, you share a bond forged in sweat, struggle, and mutual respect. The high fives after the match, the genuine congratulations to the victor, and the support offered to the defeated are testaments to this unspoken brotherhood.

Stepping off the mat, you carry the echoes of the battle within you. The physical fatigue fades, but the emotional impact lingers. It's a sense of accomplishment, of having faced your fears and emerged stronger. It's a reminder of the lessons learned, the skills honed, and the resilience discovered. But most importantly, it's a spark that ignites the desire to return, to step back onto the mat and once again dance the intricate dance of Jiu Jitsu, forever chasing the thrill...

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Next White Belt Team Event 2024-02-10

We are getting ready for another action packed White Belt team event! We will be using the quintet ruleset to facilitate team building and competition development. Our team captains will be Ron and Greg, and we will divide the White Belts into teams with a Belt Anchor on each team.

In the Quintet ruleset, each team decides on a batting order, if the first to grappling eliminates the first on the other team, then they go against the next person. If neither submits the other, both are eliminated and the next on the team goes up. The team with survivors at the end wins.

This is going to be super fun, check out the video from last year's event!

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Bulletproof for BJJ workshop

A few weeks ago on Jan 14th, JT from Bulletproof for BJJ gave us an amazing workshop with tons of great takeaways. JT started us off with an assessment of where we are with some mobility KPIs in regards to being injury resistant, he also gave us tools for improving our problem areas.

A proper warm up and cool down is essential for improving mobility leading to greater performance and safety, we all want to play our best and to be able to play for a long time. Thank you JT for sharing your expertise!

Our academy now also has a membership with Bulletproof for BJJ so if you are an adult student in good standing, send us your best email and you will have full access to their apps and programs.

JT is based out of Australia and is a Black Belt under Lachlan Giles 

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10th Planet Displays Rubber Guard at IBJJF NoGi Worlds Black Belt Division


This year's IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) NoGi Worlds showcased some high level Rubber Guard. For a long time, rubber guard was not taken seriously, seen as a "less than" or stalling technique, this year at IBJJF NoGi Worlds it was shown to sweep divisions.

The most notable example was Richie "The Boogeyman" Martinez, submitting three opponents back to back in under three minutes total mat time, one of which with a new submission unseen before. Jenn Dietrick of 10pHQ also secured gold with a rubber guard submission and Chris Vickers of 10th Planet Walnut Creek securing a dead Orchard in the first round of the Black Belt event.

It is great to see the paths converging within the mainstream tournaments where development has continued with and without the gi, Jiu Jitsu as a whole is leveling up

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Alana takes first in the Teen division with 2 submissions!


Everyone who has met her knows how hard of a worker Alana is. Not everyone may know that she is also a stellar student at school as well as a wrestler. It is great to see her hard work pay off!

Sunday October 22 she went down to Jiu Jitsu World League in San Diego and came out champ of her division with two submissions, and arm lock from guard and a belly down rear naked choke.

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Got a visit from 10th Planet Grants Pass, Andrew Alexander covers a huge chunk of his philosophy on the way to ADCC Trials


Andrew Alexander is the head instructor of 10th Planet Grant's Pass in Grant's Pass Oregon. He is an Eddie Bravo Black Belt and has been traveling and competing for years, honing his craft and becoming a wealth of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu knowledge.

On Saturday he and some of his team Kellen and Noah came to share their game with us. Covering passing, Open Guard and Back Attacks, Andrew showed us technical routes while teaching core Jiu Jitsu concepts along the way.

Everyone was excited for what was covered and can't wait to link up with 10th Planet Grant's Pass again!

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