10th Planet Displays Rubber Guard at IBJJF NoGi Worlds Black Belt Division


This year's IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) NoGi Worlds showcased some high level Rubber Guard. For a long time, rubber guard was not taken seriously, seen as a "less than" or stalling technique, this year at IBJJF NoGi Worlds it was shown to sweep divisions.

The most notable example was Richie "The Boogeyman" Martinez, submitting three opponents back to back in under three minutes total mat time, one of which with a new submission unseen before. Jenn Dietrick of 10pHQ also secured gold with a rubber guard submission and Chris Vickers of 10th Planet Walnut Creek securing a dead Orchard in the first round of the Black Belt event.

It is great to see the paths converging within the mainstream tournaments where development has continued with and without the gi, Jiu Jitsu as a whole is leveling up

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