White Belt Quintet Event from 2-10 is now on our YouTube!


Despite the intensity of the competition, there exists a unique camaraderie in the Jiu Jitsu community. The shared experience of pushing your limits, facing your fears, and striving for mastery fosters a deep respect and understanding between competitors. Whether you win or lose, you share a bond forged in sweat, struggle, and mutual respect. The high fives after the match, the genuine congratulations to the victor, and the support offered to the defeated are testaments to this unspoken brotherhood.

Stepping off the mat, you carry the echoes of the battle within you. The physical fatigue fades, but the emotional impact lingers. It's a sense of accomplishment, of having faced your fears and emerged stronger. It's a reminder of the lessons learned, the skills honed, and the resilience discovered. But most importantly, it's a spark that ignites the desire to return, to step back onto the mat and once again dance the intricate dance of Jiu Jitsu, forever chasing the thrill of competition and the journey of self-discovery.

This is why we provide these types of experience to our newer competitors. With these in house competition opportunities we strengthen our base of white belts, which in turn push all of our higher belts, creating better training for people of all experience levels within the gym.

You can find our video on our YouTube here.

Our next 10th Planet event will be the white belt tournament at 10th Planet Sacramento on March 10th, please contact the coaches if you would like the link to the entry form!


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