Parent's Night Out 2-10!

On Saturday February 10th, we have our next Parent's Night Out Scheduled. Our event will run from 5-9pm, kids 6 and older are eligible. We will be having a Nerf Battle, other team building games and Jiu Jitsu matches. We will also be serving pizza, and have wind down time with a movie.

Team building is an essential part of growing up. It helps kids develop important social and emotional skills that they will need throughout their lives. Team building activities often require kids to work together to achieve a common goal. This means they need to communicate effectively with each other, both verbally and nonverbally. As they practice communicating with their teammates, kids will develop better communication skills that they can use in all areas of their lives, from school to friendships to future careers.

Team building activities often involve challenges that kids need to solve together. This helps them develop their problem-solving skills by thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and coming up with solutions that work for everyone. These skills will be beneficial in all aspects of life, from academics to personal relationships.

When kids are able to work together successfully and achieve a common goal, it can boost their self-confidence. They feel proud of what they have accomplished, and they know that they can achieve anything when they work with others. This increased self-confidence can carry over into other areas of their lives, helping them to take on new challenges and believe in themselves.

Some team building activities can help kids develop leadership skills. They may be asked to take on roles such as team captain or problem-solver. This can help them to learn how to take initiative, motivate others, and make decisions. These leadership skills will be valuable in all aspects of life, from school to extracurricular activities to future careers.

This is a great team building experience for the kids and it gives the parents a little free time to do parent stuff. The cost is 20 per participant, to cover food and to compensate assistants.


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