10p NorCal Kids Tournament Preliminary Schedule

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2023

Here is our schedule, match times and divisions subject to change dependent on check ins and weigh ins.

Weigh Ins 8:30-10am - Show up any time within this window to check in and weigh in

Rules Meeting 10am-10:30am - We go over allowed techniques and scoring criteria, feel free to ask questions.

Matches Start 10:30am

Division Order:

  • Tiny Tigers
  • White and Grey Belts Under 60 Lbs
  • White and Grey Belts 61-75 Lbs
  • White and Grey Belts 76-95 Lbs
  • White, Grey, Yellow+ Belts 96 and up

Divisions subject to change at checkin and weigh ins.


Scoring Criteria

Positions must be held and advancements must be maintained for 3 seconds
Takedown - 2 points
Sweep - 2 points
Guard Pass - 3 points
Side Control - 2 points
Knee on Belly - 2 points
Mount - 4 points
Back Control - 4 points

Allowed Submission Techniques

Tiny Tigers division will have no submissions.
All other divisions will be allowing the following techniques:

  • Rear choke
  • Triangle choke (no head pull)
  • Arm Triangle
  • Arm in Guillotine
  • Kimura
  • Americana
  • Straight Arm Lock

Prohibited Techniques: 

  1. All leg/foot attacks, including triangle when the opponent crosses their feet in back control. 
  2. Guillotine choke with or without the arm inside, peruvian necktie, neck crank techniques, anaconda choke, d’arce choke and any arm triangle variation. 
  3. Slams: from a closed guard. 
  4. Wrist locks. 
  5. Omoplatas. 
  6. Scissor takedown. 
  7. Calf and biceps slicers. 
  8. Pulling the head in a triangle. 
  9. Ezekiel choke from any position. 
  10. Kidney lock 
  11. Suplex 
  12. Jumping into guard 
  13. Groin stretch 
  14. Knee Reaping 
  15. Single leg with the head outside 
  16. Neck Cranks 
  17. Triangle using the legs from any position without the opponent's arm in.

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